Mechanic in a Bottle



  • Removes water to prevent corrosion and improve performance
  • Cleans varnish without you needing to remove the carburettor
  • Cleanses internal components of power-robbing carbon deposits

Remove carbon, water and varnish from your engine’s internal parts with Mechanic In A Bottle. This fuel system fix-all can bring your old mower back to life.

Compatible with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, Mechanic In A Bottle can fix most modern fuel issues. This could save you from needing to repair or replace your engine.

Whether your engine is running poorly or not starting at all, this multi-purpose engine cleaner could be the key. It removes water to prevent corrosion, cleans varnish from the system, and removes power-robbing carbon deposits – and you don’t even need to remove the carburettor.

Comes in 3 different size bottles - 118ml , 236ml and 710ml

Skip the trip to the mechanic by picking up a bottle of Mechanic In A Bottle.

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