Kohler Command Pro Twin CV Service Kit For 17-27 HP




Kohler Engine Maintenance Kit CV Twin Pro Twin 

Command PRO Twin Cylinder 17 - 27 HP
Commercial Mower
CV17 - CV26
CV730 - CV740

To help identify which maintenance kit is the correct one, check your air filter part number on your engine to see if it matches the air filter below.

1 - 4508302S Air Filter
1 - 4508301S Pre Cleaner
2 - 2513212S Spark Plugs
1 - 2405010S Fuel Filter
1 - 5205002S Oil Filter (5205002S is 3.47" in height larger capacity, 1205001S is 2.72" in height}
2 - 2535706S Quarts SAE 10W30 Kohler Motor Oil 


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