The FR730V engine delivers strength and solid work performance.Manufactured with cast-iron cylinder liners, this sturdy 4-cycle vertical shaft engine also features a dual element air filter with composite blower housing and electronic spark ignition for reliable power for your tough mowing needs.


  • Overhead V-valve
  • 90° V-twin
  • High performance pressurized lubrication
  • Electronic spark ignition
  • Automatic compression release
  • Internally vented carburetor with fuel shut-off solenoid
  • Rotating grass screen
  • Single Stage air filter
  • Cast-iron cylinder liners


  • Engine Type Forced Air-Cooled V-twin 4-cycle Vertical Shaft OHV Gasoline Engine
  • Number of Cylinders 2
  • Bore x Stroke 3.1 x 3.0 in. (78 x 76mm)
  • Shaft Diameter 1 inch Keyway / 80ml Long  or 1.1/8 inch Keyway / 108.8ml Long
  • Displacement 726cm3 (44.3 cu. in.)
  • Maximum Power 24.0hp (17.9 kW)/ 3600 rpm
  • Maximum Torque 40.0 ft. lbs. (54.2 N•m)/ 2400 rpm
  • Oil Capacity 2.2 U.S. qt. (2.1 liter) w/Filter
  • Dry Weight (without muffler) 91.5 lbs. (41.5kg)
  • Muffler needs to be purchased seperatly

Customer Questions

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Q: I have a FH 680v what is the replacement motor for this model

A: There is no direct replacement option available from Kawasaki. You may need to look into replacing your engine with a new Kawasaki 23HP FS691V. The mountings, wiring, muffler location, muffler, shaft and dimensions will all be different on the new engine. You will need to determine whether a change over will be possible, taking all these factors into account.