Winter Storage Tips For Your Lawn Mower

Winter Storage Tips For Your Lawn Mower

Don't you just hate it when your lawn mower wont start back up in the spring. Here are a few tips for storing your mower over the winter months.

Remove Old Fuel

It is best to remove or use all the fuel in your mower prior to long term storage. Untreated fuel left in the tank will corrode, go stale and form gummy deposits in the tank, carburetor and fuel lines. Don't forget, the carburetor fuel bow may also need draining.

Oil Change

Yes that's correct. An oil change prior to putting your mower in storage ensures there are no contaminants sitting in your engine over the winter. Your also one step ahead on your spring tune up by doing so.

Disconnecting The Battery 

Even though your mower is off and not in use, a small amount of power can be sucked from your mower due to standby mode. Disconnect the battery and store it in a cool, dry place to make sure your mower starts right up.

Refer To Your Owners Manual

Your manual should provide instruction on storing your specific mower for a long period of time. 

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