Maintaining Your Lawn Over The Summer Months

Maintaining Your Lawn Over The Summer Months

The summer months can leave your grass looking dry, patchy and unhealthy. Here are a few tips for maintaining your grass over the warmer months.

3 Inch Rule

Cutting your grass too short over the summer, can result in it drying out very quickly. As a general rule, your grass should not be cut below 3 inches during the warmer months. The taller grass blades provide shade for the soil to retain moisture, so your lawns looking healthy over the summer.

Morning Watering

Feeling dehydrated? Your lawn can be too. It's best to water the lawn in the morning so your soil can retain moisture during the heat of the day.

Avoid Chemical Fertilizers 

Chemical fertilizers can dry out your grass in the summer heat. If you wish to fertilize your lawn, best to use an organic fertilizer. 

Don't Mow Wet Grass

Definitely not a great idea to mow your grass when its wet. The quality of the cut is affected and cutting wet grass will also leave thick clumps of grass on your lawn and mower deck.

Sharpen Mower Blades 

Torn or ripped grass blades are more prone to disease and insect damage. Sharpen your mower blades at the beginning of every season and check them periodically to avoid tearing the grass blades.    

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