Three Of The Best From Briggs & Stratton

Three Of The Best From Briggs & Stratton

Thinking about buying a new lawn mower engine??  Here are three of the best lawn mower engines currently on the market by Briggs & Stratton.

  • EXi SeriesThe EXi series which feature the check and add technology, is a new engine from Briggs & Stratton that never needs an oil change. That’s right, this low maintenance engine keeps the oil cooler and cleaner so it doesn’t break down as fast or get dirty. All you need to do is check it and add oil when needed.
How does Just Check & Add™ Work?

There are two major reasons consumers usually need to change their oil:

  1. Debris has gotten into the oil, causing it to get dirty, and dirty oil causes wear on the engine
  2. And through regular running of the engine, the oil heats up, causing it to breakdown and create sludge.

The Briggs & Stratton EXi engine uses an automotive style paper air cleaner element that features a press-fit element design to keep dirt out of the engine. And an improved oil fill tube with extended flange protects the tube from debris during routine oil checks.

Additionally, the Overhead Valve Design of the EXi engine, and its innovative scroll design and cooling package, means the engine runs cooler, reducing the oil temperature. And cooler oil means slower decay and breakdown of the oil.

Briggs & Stratton EXi Series Engines. Engines made easy. Just Check & Add™. Never Change the Oil.

  • EX Series- The innovation that is put into the Briggs & Stratton engine range, ensures they remain at the forefront of the lawn mower engine market. Be sure to check out the range on our website. Briggs & Stratton EX Series- Performance and value in one unbeatable package. You’ll love the smooth handling of the lightweight, yet powerful EX Series lawn mower engine. With a best-in-class torque-to-weight ratio, reduced vibration and quieter operation, you can give your lawn a A-Class cut with ease.

Some Key Features with the new Briggs & Stratton EX Series

  • Briggs Ready Start Engine Starting System
  • Super Lo-Tone Engine Muffler
  • Dual Dealing Paper Air Filter
  • Tool Less Air Cleaner Cover
  • Overhead Valve Design
Professional SeriesThe Professional Series is a professional line of fully featured engines designed to deliver world-class endurance and power. With commercial-grade features the Professional Series delivers enhanced power, easy starting, smoother and quieter operation, long life, and professional results. With commercial-grade power, easy starting and quiet operation, the Professional Series riding mower engine delivers great results for your toughest jobs. And it keeps delivering, because this mower engine is built to last with our exclusive Advanced Debris Management System, chrome-plated exhaust valves and other durable features. Some Key Features with the Briggs & Stratton Professional Series :-
  • Full Pressure Lube System
  • Tool Less Air Cleaner Cover
  • Cast Iron Sleeve
  • Anti Vibration System
  • Over Head Valve
  • Advanced Debris Management System

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