Wiring Loom Connections for Briggs & Stratton 17.5HP and 19.0HP Models

If you are replacing your ride on mower engine with one of the new Briggs & Stratton  17.5HP (31S977) or 19HP (33S877) Pro Series Models, the wiring loom and connector might be slightly different to your old model, depending on what brand of ride on mower you have.

Your mower will have a starter motor engaging solenoid, so you must connect the wire that runs from this solenoid to the terminal on the starter motor. The terminal is located towards the base of the starter motor.

We have listed below, the wires found on the new Briggs & Stratton Pro-series engines and where they need to be connected to.

ORANGE WIRE - Can be used for accessories  like headlights, but can be left unconnected if not required.

RED WIRE - This is your DC cable, it should be connected directly to positive power on your battery. This wire charges your battery.

BLACK WIRE - This is the engine kill switch, It needs to run to an ON/OFF switch and then run to earth. DO NOT CONNECT THIS WIRE TO POSITIVE POWER!

GREY WIRE - This needs to run to an on/off switch and then to positive power on your battery, this controls the carby solenoid for fuel.


Phillip wilson

Phillip wilson

Does this mean the starter motor will not be connected directly from the ignition

jennifer fabri

jennifer fabri

thank you so much

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