Small Petrol Engines & Fuel Problems

Small Petrol Engines & Fuel Problems
It may shock many people to know, that the biggest cause of engine failure is often fuel related. In todays blog, we will look at ways to avoid having fuel related issues moving forward.

Fuel Goes Bad Within 30 Days
Surprised?? I was when I was told for the first time that fuel goes bad after 30 days. Whether it is in the fuel can or in the mower, the volatile compounds in the fuel start evaporating after 30 days. As the fuel evaporates, it forms gummy deposits. The gummy deposits will then turn hard and clog up the fuel lines and carburetor. Once your fuel system has been compromised, you can expect your engine to perform poorly. The engine may surge, lose power or not start at all.

What Fuel Should I Buy?
Unless otherwise stated by the engine manufacturer, we find standard 91 octane unleaded fuel is by far the best option for small petrol engines.
Purchasing fuel from a more well-known reputable company is recommend. Larger petroleum companies are more likely to employ strict quality control measures, to ensure that their product meets all standards and requirements.

Can I use Ethanol Fuel?
Ethanol is a renewable fuel that is made from various plant materials. Fuel containing ethanol in Australia is often referred to as E10.
Fuel with a high ethanol count will absorb water, which can damage your fuel system and cause corrosion. We recommend sticking with a standard 91 unleaded over ethanol based fuels.

How do I keep my Fuel Fresh?
Quite simple really. Add a fuel stabilizer!!!
When you fill up your tank or fuel can with fresh fuel, simply add a fuel stabilizer. The fuel stabilizer will decrease the rate of compound evaporation from the fuel. It will also prevent the fuel from absorbing moisture from air. A fuel stabilizer can keep fuel from going bad for up to 36 months.

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