Mower Safety Checks

Mower Safety Checks

When it's time to mow the lawns, you should be giving your ride-on a safety check. Too many people just jump on their mower, turn the key and assume all is fine, not knowing the risk associated with igniting fuel vapour.  

Follow these handy tips to stay safe when mowing your lawns.

  • Before you start the machine, look underneath for fluids on the ground, the fuel tank and cap. If you know your way around a ride-on, check the fuel lines are in good order with approved fuel filters and clamps. 
  • If the person who services your car is a qualified mechanic, then the person who services your ride-on should be too. Not only is a qualified service technician extremely knowledgeable about your machine, but they are more likely to use Australian Industry Standard genuine parts rather than parts you might buy off the internet. Parts that are purchased from certain retailers off the internet can have no brand, part or batch number, which gives you very little consumer protection. If you decide to do your own servicing, buy the parts from a genuine supplier. Cheap galvanized couch bolts bought online or from a mass merchant, will not hold blades on a mower that can have a tip speed of up to 18,000 feet per minute.  
  • Check all fluid levels and the safety circuit.
  • Clean the deck of all debris to prevent friction fire.
  • Before you mow, check the area for tree roots, dog bones, toys, nails. All are potential projectiles or shrapnel, especially on the nature strip. 
  • Trim back any roses, blackberries or thorny vines growing over the fence so they wont scratch you as you pass by.

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