Honda's New GP Range of Petrol Engines

Honda's New GP Range of Petrol Engines

The newly-introduced Honda GP range aims to meet the market demand for a engine to suit light duty applications.

This new range complements Honda's popular and successful GX range – the "world standard" to power professional machinery.

Honda's GX range of general purpose engines features outstanding reliability, excellent quality and compact design which ensure compatibility with a wide range of equipment.

While inheriting these characteristics from the GX range, the GP engines' level of durability and toughness is different and more suitable to power products which are commonly used for relatively short continuous operating times with lighter workloads – such as home-use tillers, aerators and other applications.

For heavy load or high vibration applications, intensive usage at lower temperatures (< -5C), in construction or rental businesses, the Honda GX engines remain the only choice.

Two new models are introduced – the GP160 (163 cm³, 3.6 kW) and the GP200 (196 cm³, 4.1 kW) – and are both manufactured by Honda in China.

The new GP range is easy to mount with a compact design. The GP engine is fitted with a white fan cover, fuel tank and black resin recoil cover, giving it a distinctive look.

By introducing the GP range as affordable and reliable engines, developed for light duty applications, Honda has increased the choice to power applications for a wide range of jobs.

Performance-wise, the GP200 trades blows with the GX200 producing the same 4.1kW @ 3600RPM. The Short Block, Carburetor is the same on the GP as the GX series. Also still using that first pull easy start reliability that the GX Series is famous for, Honda has made sure that follows through into the GP Series.

Honda also backs its GP Series engines with a 1-year factory warranty. Using the Honda Dealer network that means there’s a repair agent around the corner from you, no matter where in Australia you are!

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