Briggs & Stratton Replacement Engine Guide for Older Kawasaki Models

Briggs & Stratton Replacement Engine Guide for Older Kawasaki Models

Wanting  to replace your older Kawasaki engine with  a new Briggs & Stratton model. Here is our quick reference table with what model to use :-

 Kawasaki Engine Model           Briggs & Stratton Replacement Option
FC150V - 126L02
FB460V - 217907 or 219907 or 31C707 or 350776
FC420V - 305777 or 31C707
FH381V - 31C707
FH451V - 31C707
FH580V - 31C707 or 331877 or 350776 or 44Q777
FH601V - 331877 or 44Q777
FH500V - 356776
FD501V - 356777
FH680V - 44Q777 or 49M977
FC540V - 44Q777
FH541V - 44Q777
FH641V - 44Q777
FH661V - 44Q777
FH721V - 44Q777 or 49M977
FX921V - 49M977
FXT00V - 49M977
FD731V - 543777


Please use this as a guide only, as different brand equipment (mowers etc) might need a specific spec to fit their equipment.


I’m wanting to replace my Kawasaki 22hp v-twin with a 24hp Briggs & Stratton intek v-twin, is there a adapter kit for wiring harness plugs

Daniel Franklin ,

do you have a briggs &stratton to replace a kawasaki FR691V ? and what is the cost ? thank you

john cordell,

Looking for replacement engine for kawasaki fh721v 25 hp


What engine replaces the Kawasaki 24hp vertical shaft in 50inch Cub Cadet RZT

Darrell ,

I want to switch fro a fr691v Kawasaki to a Vanguard on aToro timecutter. Do you have anything that will interchange?


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